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Are you ready to rid yourself of the annoyances of maintaining all your golf utilities in your pocket? Do you find yourself on the green, searching your pockets for your divot tool, ball marker? Or do you simply refuse to fill your pockets and find yourself without a utility when needed?


The Eiseles Ultimate Golf Utility Clip was created with all golfers in mind; your concentration should be on the game and there should be no discomfort when taking a swing because your pockets are full with divots, balls etc. Let the Eiseles Clip take care of it all. It is a perfectly designed leather clip that holds your extra ball, two tees, a divot tool, ball marker, and your golf glove. It is truly the Ultimate Golf Utility Clip!

Eiseles Clip is hand crafted and designed so that golfers will not even realize they are wearing a clip on their Hip. This Leather clip bends around your hip and Does Not Interfere with your golf swing at all. That’s right, it is extremely lightweight and the Eiseles clip sits perfectly around your Hip by clipping either to your belt or your pants. Because the clip is made of leather, it will form comfortably to each individual’s Hip.

This utility clip will make your golf game complete. As a golfer, you are now finally able to have access to all the utilities while playing by using the Eiseles Ultimate Golf Utility Clip. The clip was designed to sit on the side of the right hip for both Left handed and Right handed golfers.

View the pictures of the clip to see the perfection to the design; truly a perfect gift for any golfer.

This is a great gift that can be personalized for any Country Club, Pro Shop or for any Event, such as, golf outings or any type of special occasion.

Any questions or comments may be emailed to info@eiselesinvention.com.